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Fabric Information

  • Plain weave

    It is thin and the most common type of plain weave.
    It can be made in spring and autumn dresses, shirts and pants. Various kitchen utensils, tablecloth, curtains, etc.
    It can be used for various products. Cotton 100%

  • Twill

    Natural fabric with breathable and pleasant contact with the skin.
    Thin, but not sheer and resistant fabric with a hint of glow.
    Perfect for the soft blouses, duvet covers, etc Cotton 100%

  • Gauze

    A lightweight, loosely woven double-layered, wildly popular for baby blankets, bibs, etc Cotton 100%

  • Oxford

    Moderate thickness and durability are good.
    It is easy to make spring and autumn clothes such as jackets and vests, bags, cushions, sofa coverings and curtains. Cotton 100%

  • Canvas

    Thick and resistant fabric for upholstery, furniture, decoration, pillows, curtains, bags, etc Cotton 100%

  • Thin Plain weave

    Basic, thin, breathable and very pleasant to the touch. Special fabric for clothing; shirts, dresses, skirts Cotton 100%

  • Linen

    Medium weighted versatile fabric, the blend keeps the fullness of linen and reduced the wrinkles, while keeping a crisp look Linen 55% + Cotton 45%

  • Single fleece

    Single-sided thick knitted fabric plush on the inside.
    Perfect for blankets, pillows, loungewear, etc Polyester 100%

  • Double fleece

    A soft, napped finish for the ultimate in plush and perfect for blankets, pillows, loungewear, etc Polyester 100%

  • Water-repellent

    Cotton fabric is about the thickness of plain weave, waterproof fabric.
    It is a functional fabric with no elasticity, less wrinkles and excellent water repellency.
    It can be used mainly for household goods such as aprons and bags, as well as clothing and home fashion. Polyester 100%

  • Charmeuse

    There is a lot of gloss, soft silk fabric feels like satin.
    Generally, thicknesses that can be applied to many products
    It can be used for various applications such as muffler, dress, nightwear, cosplay and home fashion. Polyester 100%

  • Chiffon

    Thin, light and breathable.
    Emotional high-quality fabric with sky soft and cool.
    Use: Home fashion and various accessories such as scarves, dresses, skirts, blouses and curtains Polyester 100%

  • Circular knitting

    It has a thickness of about plain weave and twill,
    It is a classy and pleasant fabric with elastic and soft features.
    It is used to make various products, especially for clothing. Polyester 100%

  • Rayon

    About the same thickness as plain weave, which is highly breathable and absorbable.
    The splash of sheer texture is one charming point, often replaces silk. Rayon 100%

  • Rayon Chiffon

    In addition to Rayon's beauty, Rayon Chiffon adds an extra charm to the fabric.
    It is a sheer, flirty, refreshing, and soft fabric that adds beauty to the material. Rayon 100%


The fabrics used for fabrication are not white pure fabrics treated with fluorescence but are slightly off-white.