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The Story of


RealFabric welcomes you to join a creative community, where we share creativeness and diverse aesthetics through printed fabrics. Our digital printing promises the finest and unique product and service from our hands to your hands.

RealFabric originated in Daegu, South Korea, the home of many imported delicate fabrics. We have successfully spread our community in South Korea and Japan; now, we dream of spreading in the States. We hope to meet great people through art and design and expect to hear many stories from around the city and across the nation.

New York is our other special home, where diversity empowers the state. We desire to explore unconventional platforms of communication.


Opened market in
South Korea and Japan.


Opened market in
New York, United States


About 60,000+ Asia market members in total


RealFabric uses certified reactive ink dye for the most excellent color quality.
We print on various types of fabric - cotton, polyester, and other blends of textiles. Designs can be your own or from our house!

Keep your aesthetic alive!