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Important points to inform the customer.

BEFORE YOU PRINT - Production and Colors

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Production and Colors

- Designs with geometric lines or shapes might cause 3-5% of fabric skewness after the production depending on the fabric.

(Pull the fabric forcefully in an opposite way if the fabric is skewed)


- The average skewness of a double gauze is 3-5%


 - A strong color or a wide range of single-color designs may find some minor fabric tears from post-production, especially linen.

- Due to inconsistent natural conditions such as temperature and humidity of the reactive dye, there will be differences in COLOR LOT even with the same design file.

Natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc) are characterized to have residues on the fabrics.

- Our background colors are different by the density, the thickness of the thread, the construction, etc; LOT difference may cause from pre and post-production.
(fabrics are bleached white color, not fluorescent white color)

- Waterproof polyester fabric is not permanent. Fabric function will deteriorate from time to time with the washing condition

Color Usage and Characteristics

Please read thoroughly and make samples first before ordering


- Gray Family Printing Tip

Due to the condition of digital printing, the lighter valued colors are hard to print especially gray families. We highly recommend sampling your design.

 Please see the color value chart below and avoid the colors below the mark.


- Black Colors

RealFabric’s color dyes are 8 RGB colors. 

PLEASE note BLACK RGB mode should be marked “0” for all HSB selection. 

(CMYK should be converted to RGB and all HSB, RGB conditions should be “0”. If not might appear greenish color. So please be alert)





 *** The following above are technical conditions that are not applicable for any returns and refunds.