Precautions for Production and Color Use

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Notes on production and color


Note on production


Designs with squares, triangles or lines

Fabric warping may occur (3-5% meandering).

Please note that this is inevitable due to the nature of the fabric during the post process.

(If the fabric is slightly bent, apply force in the opposite direction to pull the fabric.)

* Due to the nature of the fabric, double gauze may cause more than 3 ~ 5% of deflection. *


-For designs that use dark colors or large solid areas,

Fine tearing of fabrics during post-treatment may be noticeable.

(Please note that the linen may cause severe tearing due to the nature of the material.)


-Even if the design of the same file, the color LOT difference occurs when reworking.

(Reactive dyes used in cotton printing are colored by chemical reactions due to temperature and humidity.

The difference is that the environment is not constant every time.)


-In the case of natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc.), weeds or foreign substances may be caught by the nature of the fabric.

-The floor colors of the fabrics supplied vary depending on the density of the fabric, the thickness of the thread, the texture, etc.

Depending on the pre- and post-processing conditions, the LOT may be different.

(The fabrics supplied are refined, bleached off-white fabrics, not new white (fluorescent white) fabrics.)


Polyester life waterproofing fabric is not permanent waterproof, depending on washing or environment

Water repellency may be impaired.


Polyester output and cotton output are different from equipment, ink and program

Please note that color differences occur.


Since the double gauze fabric does not have a close contact with both layers, it cannot be fixed during printing.

The output image may blur in the fabric portion.


* The above is the standard that is generally applied to international transactions.

Please note that this is not a refund or return reason.



Know your color usage and characteristics


Please read carefully when ordering fabrics

Make sure to do this work after checking and correcting the sample.


-Note when expressing light gray and light color (including gray) series-


In the case of digital printing, color rendering of color is applied when applying color profile

Some of them can not be represented, especially light gray color series do not appear

Please make a sample after testing through sample purchase.


* Please note that the density below the display line is not expressed during manufacturing.

Black color reproduction


All color dyes of real fabric are produced using RGB mode in eight colors.

In case of black color, all RGB values ??of HSB value should be set as 0 in RGB mode.

Please note that black color is implemented on the fabric.


(CMYK mode must be converted to RGB mode, and then all HSB RGB values ??must be converted to "0".

If the screen looks black, it will not be black, and if the above value is incorrect

Please note that green color may appear.)


* Example) Black color picker value setting image of Photoshop.

Points to note when implementing other colors


Naturally smooth gradients may not be smooth.


Dark gray and navy colors are not possible, so black values ??(refer to the black color reproduction notice)

Please change or change color.


Banding (shortening) may occur in certain colors (brown, green, blue, cyan).

* Bending phenomenon *



* The above items are unique to equipment and software and are subject to exchange refunds and reason for return.

Please note that this is not the case. *



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