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Important points to inform the customer.

Designer Selling Acknowledgement

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Designer Selling Acknowledgement: 

  1. All designers agreed to accept RealFabric’s user agreement.

  2. We are giving commissions to designers 10% of the selling price. 

  3. All designs must be proven by the seller before they are uploaded on site for sale. You have agreed to be responsible for all the costs associated with sampling.

  4. All social media posts related to designers' designs from RealFabric will be notified first and compensated with RealFabric’s reward points. 

  5. Commissions will be calculated every month and will be received via PayPal. 

  6. All designers have agreed to fill out the Page 1 of Form W-9 (US only), provide a copy of ID and an email that is affiliated with your PayPal account. 

  7. All designs are sold here only at RealFabric. We are NOT using them in any other places. 

  8. RealFabric will send out a 1099 form annually for all the earnings in that year. 

  9. All commissions will be calculated QUARTERLY and $10 is the minimum to redeem.

  10. Acknowledgement above will be updated timely.

All documents are confidential and it is only for our use. 

Please send us your documents via email with your username