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RealFabric is Calling Artists!

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Greeting Artists!

This summer, RealFabric marks ONE YEAR since opening in the U.S. Market. 

Thank you so much for all your support!!  Ever since our opening, our ultimate goal was to have an open platform for the creative peeps out there!

We are finally and happy to say we are ready to expand one step further!

If you want to join our creative designer platform and earn our thank you commissions, please don’t hesitate to join!

1. Sign up as “Designer”
2. Upload your design (design approval required by admin)
3. Fill out tax and simple personal information for payment (100% protection guaranteed) 
4. Submit a designer profile for social media / website posts via email
5. YAS! You are done! 

Any questions, please feel free to email

We are happy to assist.

Happy Printing!